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Ecoteer House - Perhentian Community & Conservation Project - Price RM264 for 2days upto RM664 for 1 week.
The Perhentian Islands are well renowned as the most beautiful islands in Peninsular Malaysia and consequently have become a haven for backpackers and travellers alike. The increase of tourists has seen a decline in the health of the coral reefs fringing the islands and the dilution of the villagers Malay culture.
to increase environmental and cultural awareness amongst the villagers and tourists.
1) To assist the economy of the village through encouraging cultural services offered by the villagers.
2) To provide relevant after-school clubs and activities for the children of Perhentian.
3) To act as an example of responsible living to the Perhentian villagers.
4) To initiate environmental and cultural events in the village, for villagers and tourists to join together during ’Gotong Royong’ events.
5) To help the people in need in the village.
6) To act in harmony with the village and to act on the wishes of the villagehead and headmaster.
The Ecoteer House Project is increasing environmental awareness of the villagers by hosting a weekly Environmental club for the school children and starting in 2012 a weekly village clean up where the villagers and tourists are encouraged to join in.
In 2012 an English club will be run at the primary school to help improve the creative writing of the children. We are also proposing a weekly Eco-Snorkel club for the school children as well but this has not been confirmed.
Perhentian literately means a stopover and has been home to fishermen folk for over a century with tourists only visiting in significant numbers since 2000. Many of the fishermen now work as water taxi boatmen and snorkel guides whereas the women work as maids. The villagers have lots to share with us about island life and they are keen to learn from us too. The project is being guided by the village head and headmaster to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes and that we work hand-in-hand with the villagers.
This project is truely unique in Malaysia as you get to experience the beach and sea of the islands as well as the culture of the villagers this is a true island experience that shouldn’t be missed.
Tourists can come for as many days as they like - please visit our website at Posted Sep 23.

Teach in Borneo
Volunteer Borneo and up hold the right that every child has access to basic primary education. This is the background statement that underpins Ecoteer Responsible Travels partner in Borneo. Our partner is a small and humble society but has far reaching impacts on the society in Borneo. Malaysia is a fast progressing nation with big improvements in living conditions and better education for its people. But many children living in the remote areas of Borneo still do not have access to schools, such as the children of Indonesian or filippino plantation workers in Sabah, mainly because of distance, poverty and/or legal status. Teach English and other subjects with us on our volunteer Borneo program and really help make a difference to the future of the children of Borneo.
The network of schools run by our partner is providing basic primary education for more than 9,000 children on the Palm Oil Plantations throughout Sabah. They have over 120 learning centres with 220 teachers. They are doing a great job but are presently the only NGO doing this work for the plantation children. It was estimated in April 2010 that 40,000 children live in palm oil plantations and do not receive basic primary education. When you look at the scale of the problem you soon see that they need your help.
The Volunteer Borneo and Teach English experience enables the children to benefit from English teaching from native speakers. An added benefit of the Volunteer Borneo program is that the children have to speak English to the volunteers, facilitating the childrens development and confidence in using English.
The Volunteer Borneo program has also introduced afternoon activities for the children increasing contact time between the volunteers and the children further facilitating the childrens confidence in English.

Please visit - Posted Sep 23.


Volunteer opportunities are available at several Indonesian animal rehabilitation facilities. Some of the programs include strictly sanctuary care, at others volunteers will be involved in rehabilitation, release and post release monitoring. Some of the programs are PPS Bali Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre, Suaka Elan, PPS Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre and PPS Jogya Rescue Centre. Tasikoki accepts volunteers all year round and is focused on sanctuary care, however there are two releases of brahaminy kites coming up in the next month and the rehabilitation of a white bellied sea eagle. Jogya is strictly sanctuary care at the moment and has set dates for which the programs run. Suaka Elan is releasing a raptor and PPS Bali are releasing two Hornbills in November so volunteer programs would run during that time. Volunteering involves a 3 week stay where volunteers would do sanctuary care, release preparation, go on the release, and do post release monitoring. Volunteers may stay longer than 3 weeks if they wished to do more monitoring, post release, and the monitoring is possible. These programs are paid volunteer placements, the fees are about $300 per week, but vary from project to project. There is more information on our Indonesia Volunteer Opportunities page or Contact: Alexis Chavez, Volunteer Coordinator, Orangutan Outreach/ Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Email: Phone: 62 81340871009. (Note Sulawesi time is about 12 hours ahead of US time.)

Orangutan Foundation International has volunteer opportunities available for active individuals who want to get their hands dirty and help save one of the earth's most bio-diverse areas.



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