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Indonesia Volunteer Opportunities


There are a number of opportunites to volunteer for needed wildlife rescue oppotunities in Indonesia. Please look through our list of just some of these below. Naturally we can provide more details and assist you with traveling to Indonesia to help with this work. Spending time in Indonesia will be one of the most fulfilling and fascinating periods of you life. We know, we've been there.



Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue & Education Centre
More details:
Nearest Airport: Manado [MDC]
Wildlife Care Project
This diverse wildlife rescue unit in North Sulawesi accepts volunteers all year around for 2 weeks to 2 months or sulawesi black macaquelonger by request. The facility is home to Bento and Is, the Tasikoki tag team, as well as a number of critically endangered species from Sulawesi and beyond. This includes a huge array of beautiful bird species as well as Sulawesi Macaques and Bornean Sunbears. Volunteers learn about the illegal wildlife trade, captive animal welfare and if volunteering long-term can get the chance to meet Dr. Willie Smits and see the wonderful environmental work he is achieving from his home in North Sulawesi. The fees vary depending upon duration of stay. 2 weeks- $770: 4 weeks- $995: 8 weeks- $1495 Contact with your availability for more details.
Vet Nurse Placements
Tasikoki is accepting volunteer vet nurses/technicians every month for 1-2 month periods or longer by request. Send your CV, availability and a short motivation letter to
Education & Artists Project
Photographers, film-makers, painters, graphic designers, teachers and other educators are all sought to participate in developing our education program in Sulawesi. You will work on specialized projects, which are catered to your particular skill set. The fee for this program are the same those for the wildlife care program and vary upon the duration of your stay. Contact with your availability for more details.

Jogja Rescue Centre
More details:
Nearest airport: Yogyakarta [JOG]
Primate Care Project
Jogja caters for all species of wildlife from the illegal trade, here in this case in the economic heartland of central Java near the famous Buddhist temple complex of Borobudur; these are second only to Angkor Wat in their magnificence. Tborobudur buddhahis center is about to be infant orangutans and gibbondeveloped into a specialist orangutan facility, taking in many cheek-padders from Jakarta as well as from rescues or other centers. A number of red apes are already resident, including Boni, Gogon and little Dedek, as well as several siamangs and gibbons that all need an increase in their welfare standards. Volunteers will work closely with keepers and local volunteers to build and distribute enrichments for the primates to improve their welfare in captivity. Teams are on set dates throughout the year. Limited spaces are available for Team II/2010 running from 4th – 14th September. Team III/2010 is planned for November, dates TBD. Participation costs $700 per person to cover the expense of on-site meals, accommodation, training and contribution to the project materials. Contact for more details.

Suaka Elang
More details:
Nearest airport: Jakarta [CGK]
Raptor Release Volunteer
Suaka Elang was focused on two major missions, namely: Conduct rescue efforts, to give asylum to and release confiscated raptors (birds of prey) in accordance with IUCN standards and official regulations in force in Indonesia. Conduct public awareness efforts through the efforts of environmental education and ecotourism-based restricted birds of prey. The volunteer program will be focus on the release of a particular raptor. Sanctuary raptors have facilities and rehabilitation / Pre-Release cages. Each Volunteer group will focus on a particular bird being released. Volunteers will be involved with a small bit of sanctuary care as well as pre and post release monitoring and surveying. They will be able to join in at the release of the animal and depending on the desired duration of stay can monitor the individual post release. Volunteers will be working directly with local Indonesian researchers. Limited spaces are available for Team I in November, dates TBD. The participation cost will vary dependant on duration of stay. The volunteer fee covers the expense of on-site meals, accommodation, training and contribution to the project materials. Contact for more details.

Sintang Orangutan Centre
More details: http:
Nearest airport: Pontianak (Indonesian Borneo) [PNK] or Kuching (Malaysian Borneo) [KCH]
Heart of Borneo Volunteer Project
This relatively new orangutan rescue effort in the heart of Borneo is has a series of volunteer projects on set dates. This program has been set up to help expand the infrastructure of the rescue centre in Sintang. The orangutan mother and babyfirst team mission is to establish larger living quarters for the subsequent volunteer teams and possibly adding a few other animal facilities onsite. Volunteer work will not be focused on animal husbandry or general animal care as the individual primates have local caretakers. However, the onsite improvements are very much needed and will help immensely in the long term. Please keep in mind this is not a trip for the faint hearted. To begin with it is a 10 hour drive on a bumpy road from Pontianak Airport to Sintang Rescue Centre. The project fee is $895 /person. This fee includes your transportation, onsite support, room & board.  The next team will set out on October 10th, 2010, spaces are limited.
Vet Nurse Placement
Sintang is accepting volunteer vet nurses/technicians every month for 1-2 month periods or longer by request. Participation costs $995 for one month to cover the expense of on-site meals and accommodation. Send your CV, availability and a short motivation letter to
Orangutan Diary Writers
Volunteers with creative diary-writing and basic photography skills (amateur or professional) are sought for a two-week period each month to sit and watch the orangutans all day to help produce material for our adoption programme. The fee for this program is $1,995 per session. Contact with your availability for more details.

How to apply to volunteer in Indonesia

Please write to with the following details
Name, age, nationality
Dates of availability / desired duration
Reason for wanting to volunteer with us
Relevant experience or anything else you think we should know about you
How you found out about our project

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and be able to accept responsibility for themselves
Volunteers need to be fit and healthy enough to cope with working in a tropical climate
Volunteers should bring with them a team spirit, an open mind and respect for foreign culture
There are vaccinations and health screen requirements for each of the location - Nature Travel Specialists can help you with this.



Orangutan Foundation International has volunteer opportunities available for active individuals who want to get their hands dirty and help save one of the earth's most bio-diverse areas.



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