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with Judy Brzoska

September 8 to 21, 2010


You are invited to join our exploration of the land, people, archeology and wildlife of the Mekong Valley from Vietnam to Cambodia, ending with the amazing temples of Angkor. This 14 day tour is led by Judy Brzoska, and includes eight days aboard the Mekong Pandaw, a traditional and well-appointed river boat offering style, charm and luxury while we travel. As well as guided shore excursions as we journey along the Mekong, we have arranged private touring of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) before the cruise, and of the temples and wildlife of Angkor after the cruise.


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From Au Lac to Viet Nam


Discovering the Art of Vietnam and Angkor Wat

with the Dr Don Wood & Birmingham Museum of Art

October 2011

You are invited to accompany Dr Donald Wood on our tour to Vietnam, a country well known in name and recent history, but little known otherwise. Vietnam has a wealth of art, history, scenery and architecture, and we will be focusing on these aspects during the tour. Dr Wood, curator of the Southeast's finest collection of Asian Art, will certainly add to our appreciation of what we see and experience. In addition to Dr Wood we will have expert local guides, adding their special knowledge to our understanding of what we see and experience.


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