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Bird jobs on a volunteer, intern and occasionally real pay basis throughout the US.

These jobs are mostly for college students and recent graduates to gain experience in their field, but can also be available to other interested people who have the time to devote. Please note these are not vacations, but real work for which a reasonable long-term commitment is required. Accommodations, daily activity period, intensity and drudgery of activities, and other aspects of these jobs are not vacation-like in any way. Please do not contact the researchers unless you have the qualifications and can devote the time required, and please don't call just to see if anything else is available. Nature Travel Specialists is not connected with the institutions, but places these openings on our website to assist in connecting suitable applicants with the advertised positions, as the Ornjobs list is by subscription.

If you are not a US citizen or legal resident qualified to work in the US, you will probably not be able to take one of these positions. Unless directly stated, the researchers are not in a position to assist you with any work permit procedures. However, there are work experience programs in the US available to overseas students and other younger people, and you should contact your nearest US consulate to inquire.

We will keep three months or so of Ornjobs lists current on the site, each under their issue date. Just click on the date to go to the list. We include Alaska and Hawaii positions on our international pages, as these are pretty exotic even for US residents.

International (non-US except Alaska, Hawaii and US Pacific Territories) short term positions appear on our Volunteer pages. Some longer positions, actual jobs rather than possible volunteer opportunities, also appear there.

Click on a date below to go to a list of jobs advertised on that date. Please note that due to spammers trolling for email, all email addresses are written with the word AT, rather than with @; they are not live hyperlinks.

Most recent listings start from the top of each country, and we don't change the country order - which is random - so even if you've seen the latest listing at the top of the page itself, a newer listing may occur in a country further down. Not all listings we receive include an application deadline, nor do we receive position filled information, so we leave them up for a reasonable time - posting dates are noted at the end of the listing. For this reason positions may be gone when you apply, especially if it's several weeks after the posting date. A few positions are on-going, always looking for volunteers; these are usually at the bottom of the page and undated.




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