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Our preferred travel insurance Travelex has released the following information about Swine Flu and travel insurance.


The recent and evolving events associated with the Swine Flu outbreak in Mexico and elsewhere are affecting travelers in many ways across the globe. Listed below are situations which may result from the Swine Flu news and how it affects your clients' Travelex insurance plans: Travel Basic, Travel Select, Travel Max, Travel Plus and TraveLite.

If a traveler gets sick with the Swine Flu:

Current insured travelers who become ill would be eligible for coverage under the trip interruption, medical expense and evacuation benefits of their plan up to the limits of the policy and subject to its general terms and conditions.
If you are aware of any insured passenger in Mexico with flu-like symptoms or who has been admitted to the hospital, please make sure to contact the applicable assistance company listed to the left and contact information is also stated on the traveler's Confirmation of Coverage.

If a traveler is contemplating cancellation:

Insured customers that are considering cancellation or have canceled arrangements due to travel restrictions, warnings or general fear of traveling, whether to Mexico or elsewhere, are not eligible for cash reimbursement under the provisions of the plan.
Insureds who purchased the Cancel for Any Reason upgrade will be eligible for Trip Cancellation coverage under the provision of the plan.
Specific to the Travel Select and Travel Max plans: Should the destination airport close and insured customers are unable to reach their destination, the cancellation benefit for losing 50% or more of their covered trip may apply, assuming all terms and conditions of the benefit are met.

If a traveler is being quarantined:

Quarantine coverage is included under Trip Cancellation/Interruption and Trip Delay benefits in the event a physician quarantines the traveler/insured for any illness which prevents traveling.
Quarantine means that the person is restricted to their home or a medical facility - not restricted from one country or destination.

If a traveler transfers travel dates:

If the insured is allowed to transfer their travel payments (trip deposits or full payments) without charge, they can also elect to transfer the protection plan monies on the booking to the new travel dates as well. Typically the protection plan monies are non-refundable inside the penalty period but Travelex is making an exception for this specific case.
Any expenses for change fees to move airfares to the new trips would not be covered, unless such move was predicated by the travel supplier's cancellation of the original trip.
Transfers would only apply to trips that are booked within 12 months from the original departure date.
If the trip cost increases as a result of the transfer, then the insured will have to make an additional insurance payment to cover the full trip cost in order to best protect themselves. Note: they would need to make the purchase within the required time to continue to receive cancel for any reason, pre-existing condition waiver and any other benefit with an advanced date purchase requirement.


Cancel for Any Reason Pak Upgrade

If a traveler has purchased the Cancel for Any Reason upgrade in addition to their Travel Basic, Travel Select or Travel Max policy, they can cancel their trip for ANY REASON, up to 2 days prior to the departure and recover up to 80% of the trip cost.