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From the BBC’s internationally renowned, award-winning Natural History unit comes the first release in an extraordinarily ambitious undertaking, The Atlas of the Natural World, a unique survey of life on Earth in all its remarkable richness and beauty.

One of the most comprehensive portraits of the Western Hemisphere ever assembled.

BBC Atlas of the Natural World
• The teeming wildlife and rich geography of the Americas.
• The inhospitably frozen landscape of Antarctica, the bottom of the world.
• The spectacular rainforests of South America.
• The remarkable variety of plant and animal species in Central America and the Caribbean.
• The songs of the Native Americans.
• The migration of the Emperor Penguin.


Together, these programs offer remarkable insight into the complex relationship between humans, wildlife, and nature on these three continents and in the waters that surround them. In over 18 hours of programming you will explore the vast richness of the land, wildlife and peoples of North, Central and South America, and the frozen continent of Antarctica.

Land of the Eagle

American southwestThe story of how North America was discovered and tamed is told through two sets of eyes: the Native Americans and the European newcomers. Through a magnificent ensemble of paints, photographs, old songs played on period instruments, contemporary Native Americans voicing the words of their ancestors, and gorgeous wildlife filming, the shifting balance between man and nature is revealed. There are six episodes in Land of the Eagle:

bald eagle
• The Great Encounter
• Confronting the Wilderness
• Conquering the Swamps
• Across the Seas of Grass
• Into the Shining Mountains
• Living on the Edge
• The First and Last Frontier
• Searching for Paradise

Spirits of the Jaguar
tropical rainforest
In Central America and the Caribbean, everything is vibrant and colorful – from tropical rainforests teeming with wildlife to the paradise islands and rich coral reefs to the top of smoking volcanoes. The area boasts more species of spectacular plants and animals than anywhere else on the globe, many of them unique to the region. Here the Maya, Taino and Aztecs once reigned, enjoying the natural riches all around them and appeasing their bloodthirsty gods. This series reveals the dramatic relationships that exist here between the native inhabitants, the wildlife and the environment. Spirits of the Jaguar comprises four episodes:

• The Forging of a New World
• Forest of the Maya
• Hunters of the Caribbean Sea
• The Fifth World of Aztecs

Wild South America

Explore the rich and unique wildlife that inhabits the diverse landscapes of the vast Cock of the Rock BrazilSouth American continent. From the Antarctic to the Equator, these are lands of great extremes, with the planet’s greatest river system, longest mountain chain, biggest and richest rainforest and driest desert. Using new camera techniques, including infrared night vision cameras, rarely seen animals are revealed, while a specialist aerial cameraman soars over the continent, revealing an entirely new perspective on its varied and romantic landscape. The story of Wild South America is told over six episodes:

las torres Torrres del Paine National park Chile • Lost Worlds
• Mighty Amazon
• The Great Plains
• The Andes
• Amazon Jungle
• Penguin Shores

Life in the Freezer

Written and presented by Sir David Attenborough. Antarctica is the wildest, coldest, most isolated continent on Earth. Encrusted in 90% of the world’s ice, its 5.4 million square miles are doubled each winter by the freezing of the seas. The average temperature at the South Pole is –56° F, dropping to –90° F and below in mid-winter. Yet this inhospitable landscape is home to a surprisingly rich variety of wildlife, much of it unique to the region.

Attenborough and his camera team spent three years braving mountainous seas, blizzards with 100 mph winds, plummeting temperatures and glaciers the size of cathedrals to capture the majesty of Antarctica both on land and underwater. In this starkly beautiful landscape, you discover penguins by the millions, whales by the thousands, half the world’s seal population and seabirds galore. Six episodes of incomparably magnificent photography make up Life in the Freezer:

• The Bountiful Sea
• The Ice Retreats
• The Race to Breed
• The Door Closes
• The Big Freeze
• Footsteps in the Snow



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