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Have you ever wondered what might happen if you became ill or injured while traveling and required hospitalization? What if you required continued inpatient care and are hundreds or thousands of miles away from home? What options are available to you?

MedjetAssist provides much-needed answers to these questions in a manner unlike other protection programs and typical insurance policies. As a MedjetAssist member, if you encounter injury or illness more than 150 miles from home, and require inpatient hospital care, you will be transported at your discretion to the hospital of your choice by a MedjetAssist authorized affiliate. There are no health questions, deductibles, co-payments or claim forms involved…the membership fee is the only cost for these services. Without MedjetAssist membership protection, domestic evacuations average $20,000 while international transports often exceed $100,000.

Why MedjetAssist is Unique…

• Medical necessity is not required for evacuation
• Member is transported to their hospital of choice
• NO pre-existing condition exclusions for those under the age of 75
o Diamond membership available for those 75-85
• NO terrorism exclusions
• NO dollar limits on evacuation benefit, NO deductibles, NO co-pays and NO claim forms

This unique protection is available on an annual membership basis for just $250 for individuals or $385 for entire families. Short-term membership is also available and starts at just $95.



What the Experts Say…


“MedjetAssist of Birmingham, AL, is one of the few services that will take you anywhere you want to be hospitalized.”

Peter Greenberg
Author, Travel Detective

“…MedjetAssist does the best job for one very important reason. The fine-print disclaimers that you’ll find in other policies are virtually eliminated…I strongly advise you to consider this.”

Jena Gardner
President, JG Black Book of Travel

“Medjet is a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned. Travel is my business; I travel almost constantly and I wouldn’t
go on a trip without them. I’ve seen Medjet in action and it’s like having family take care of you.”

Andrew Harper

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What is Medjet?
Medjet is a worldwide medical evacuation and repatriation membership program that is available to travelers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on an annual, multi-year, or short-term membership basis.

What does Medjet Offer?
Medjet provides medical transport for its members who are hospitalized on an inpatient basis more than 150 miles from their primary residence, either in the U.S. or abroad, to the hospital of their choice.

Medjet also offers medical and legal referrals, monitoring of member’s medical condition, translation assistance for foreign medical reports, pre-travel medical consultations, and return of mortal remains.

What Makes Medjet Unique?
No travel insurance, standard medical insurance, assistance plan, or platinum card membership offers a protection program as comprehensive and with as few restrictions as Medjet:

• Medjet provides medical transport for members regardless of medical necessity from virtually any hospital in the world to the member’s hospital of choice.

• Medjet allows its members to determine where they want their
health care delivered.

• Medjet has no monetary limit to its benefits. The low
Membership fee covers all transport costs from bedside to bedside.

• Medjet completes both international and domestic transports for
its members hospitalized on an inpatient basis more than 150 miles
from their primary residence.

• Medjet utilizes a network of affiliate aircrafts that are permanently configured mobile intensive care units.

Who Can Benefit Most From the Medjet Program?
• Frequent business travelers – who may be under the false impression that their existing health insurance policy or Platinum Card benefit provides this kind of full and far-reaching protection.

• Corporations – who want to provide the best protection for their
traveling executives, as either a perk or option, and want to minimize their financial exposure.

• Leisure travelers – who don’t want to worry about illness or injury when they travel domestically or internationally, and want more comprehensive protection than typical travel insurance policies.

Who Can Become a Member?
Memberships are available to residents of the United States, Canada, and Mexico up to age 75*. Family memberships are also available which protect an entire family including the primary member, spouse or domestic partner, and up to five dependent children up to age 19, or 23 if a full-time student. *Note: Special Diamond Plan memberships are available for individuals between 75 and 84 years of age. Certain conditions and restrictions apply.

What Does a Membership Cost?
Individual memberships are $250 per year. Family memberships are $385 per year. Multi-year, group, and short-term memberships are also available. It is important to note that members of Medjet are protected for the entire membership period regardless of how many trips they take.

About Medjet the Company
Medjet is a privately held Birmingham, Alabama based company, backed by Lloyd’s of London and a powerful and reputable investment team with strong ties to the world of aviation, finance, government, and real estate.


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