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January 15 to 28, 2009

Why Travel With Us?

Fbarong dancer baliirst and foremost, we know Bali and Komodo, as we’ve been sending travelers there for over 10 yearsbali legong dancer. We’ve also traveled Indonesia extensively ourselves, and don’t just rely on others for our intimate knowledge of hotels, places to see, and of course the people. We’re also naturalists, so we add our own knowledge and experience to every tour. Your American leader on this tour, Judy Brzoska, is a very experienced world traveler, and enjoyed these same Balinese & Komodo sights in 2007. Her husband David will be enjoying his fourth stay in Indonesia in as many years. This experience is invaluable when traveling in exotic lands. In addition to Judy & David, our local professional, English-speaking guides are with you at all times, whether it’s explaining the intricacies of a batik weaving, the meaning of the Kecak or legong dance, or helping you shop for that special Balinese mask or teak carving.

Guides make the tour komodo dragon
indonesian guide Our guides are selected not just for their professionalism and fluency in English, but also for the knowledge of Indonesian history and culture, and for our nature guides, wildlife. Their background varies, from local Rangers on Komodo to Balinese aristocracy, who in their different and engaging ways ways offer special insight and access to unique experiences. Most importantly, they enjoy sharing their knowledge and love of their home with us.

Ready, but not Rough puri santrian hotel bali
hotel gamelan players We believe that a good night’s sleep makes for a good day’s exploring. All our accommodations are chosen for comfort, location, and quality. For those who like a little bit more, accommodation upgrades are available in most of the areas we visit. We also like our food to be nutritious and tasty, and reflect the local cuisine. We think those who are not familiar with Indonesian cuisine will be very pleasantly surprised by the standard, flavors and presentation of meals, and naturally everything offered is safe to eat.



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Expand Your Experience

buddha statue borobudur java
orangutans camp leakey Why not continue on to Camp Leakey for Orangutans and Proboscis Monkeys or Jogjakarta for the Royal Palace and the ancient temples of Borobudur & Prambanan? Or stop over in Singapore or Hong Kong? We can easily add a few days to your Bali & Komodo journey to expand your experience in Indonesia.



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