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Bali Tour January 6 to 18, 2009

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This all-inclusive tour to Bali, Island of the Gods, is led througout by our Naples Botanical Gardens Director, Brian Holley. In addition to Brian a good friend of the NBG, Bali resident Made Wijaya, is leading the tour for part of your Bali stay. As many of you know Made designed many of Bali's best gardens (and others in many parts of the world), and NBG is fortunate to have his services for the new Asian Garden. This tour will provide participants with a preview of his designs and exquisite work, as well as the many other sights and sounds of what is usually called the most beautiful island in the world. An added bonus is a stop in Singapore, where Brian's personal contacts will provide special tours of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, and several private homes.

The tour is restricted to just 16 participants, and in addition to the set activities there is ample time for personal exploration. As many participants will want to take advantage of the carved stone garden furniture and other unique Balinese offerings, in addition to leading the tour Brian will make arrangements for the shipping of purchases back to the US.





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Day 1 - Tuesday, January 6: Home Town/ New York / In Flight
Fly from your hometown to New York JFK this afternoon for your Singapore Airlines flight 26 to Singapore via Frankfurt, departing at 8.55pm.      (*D)

Day 2 – Wednesday, January 7: In Flight / Frankfurt / In Flight
We arrive in Frankfurt at 10.50am this morning for a short stop (no plane change) and continue on to Singapore at 12 noon.       (*L)

shophue singaporeDay 3 – Thursday, January 8: In Flight / Singaporesri veeramakaliamman temple statues singpaore
After arriving in Singapore at 6.55am and passing through Customs and Immigration we are met and transferred to our hotel, located in the Tanglin district, convenient to one of our main destinations here, including the Singapore Botanical Gardens, and the expressway to the airport. Our rooms are waiting for us to refresh after our flight. This afternoon we enjoy a tour of the old part of Singapore, although much of it has been revitalized. Although we can’t wander in the hotel at leisure, time permitting we will take afternoon tea at Raffles Hotel. Other highlights of our tour today may include Little India, with its colorful Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Chinatown and the Riverwalk district. Tonight we have a “get to know you” dinner at the hotel to begin our 10 days together. As we’ll be tired, this will be suitably short.          (B,L,D)

Day 4 – Friday, January 9: Singapore
This morning we visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens for a private tour. These beautiful gardens combine developed areas and some natural forest, and include the famed Nationa Orchid Garden. The Gardens date from 1859, and today a morning visit reveals locals practicing Tai Chi in a Kew-inspired landscape inhabited by tropical vegetation. The Gardeorchid garden entrance singaporens cover about 125 acres, of which 7 acres are devoted to the National Orchid Garden, with over 1000 spsingapore botanic gardens pondecies and 2000 varieties of orchids. Although a beautiful place to visit, the Gardens continue their research role – an early Director was responsible for Malaya’s rubber boom when he discovered how to extract the latex without killing the tree – and has extensive conservation and education outreach. After our full morning and lunch at the Gardens we continue to soak in the opportunities offered by tropical gardening when we visit several private gardens with Brian's Singapore colleagues (we may see some of these gardens during yesterday's touring instead of today). As there may be choices for this afternoon’s activity we have left dinner open. There many choices near the hotel, including quality hotel restaurants, several food malls offering a cosmopolitan selection of cuisines and a variety of cafes and restaurants.        (B,L)

Day 5 – Saturday, January 10: Singapore / Denpasar, Bali

We return to the airport this morning to depart Singapore on Singapore Airlines flight 942 at 9.35am for Bali, arriving at 12 terraced paddies balinoon. Here we’ll buy our entry visa, and after exiting passing through Customs & Immigration we transfer to our horoomtel in the cool highlands, about an hour away. The rooms are built and decorated in Indonesian fashion, with a day bed in addition to the night bed and sofas. The grounds are extensively landscaped, and views are across a valley of native forest, or in the other directions across paddy fields. Tonight we meet, or renew our aquaintance with, Made Wijaya, the internationally recognized landscapist and architect who is responsible for some of the world’s most remarkable tropical gardens. NBG is fortunate to have Made as a friend, and as the consultant for its own new Asian Garden. A welcome dinner follows.       (*B*M,D)


Day 6 – Sunday, January 11: Ubud

amandari bali gardengarden detail four seasons resort balipool four seasons resort balitaman bebek villa pool


Today is spent touring various gardens and some of Made’s preferred garden experiences in the cool highlands of Ubud. Many of Bali’s best gardens, and Made’s work, are at hotels, and we’ll have special access to these. Others are at private homes, some designed, some just serendipitous creations by nature and man combined.        (B,L,D)

Day 7 – Monday, January 12: East and North to Besakih
The majority of Balinese are Hindu, the final repository of the great Hindu culture of Java, remaining there only in the small ruined temkerta gosa baliples dotted the island about and the great temple complex Prambanam near Yogyakarta. While ultimately derived from India, the arts and religion as practiced on Bali are noticeably different as they are a continuation of this distinct Javan Hinduism, brought to Bali when the remnants of the Majapahgeringsing cloth tenganan baliit court escaped from Java after the fall of that empire to Muslim invaders. Although even with our short time here so far this influence on daily life and architecture will have been inescapable, today’s touring will expose us to this culture and its history in an indelible way. We first travel east through villages and terraced rice paddies to Klungkung, and its 17th Century Kerta Gosa (Hall of Justice). This ornate free-standing building is famous for its painted ceiling. Near the coast Goa Lawah is a cave temple, one of the important directional temples that protect Bali, in this case from the Southeast. Inside the cave, in addition to the temple decorations, are hundreds of bats (lawah). At the village of Tanganan we’ll see a demonstration of double ikat weaving; the geringsing cloth produced here is especially fine and thought by locals to have magical powers. Lunch will be enjoyed along thbesakih skyline balie way as we head north to Gunung Agung, Bali’s holiest mountain (and an active but quiescent volcano which last erupted in 1963). Nestled on the slobringing offerings to the temple balipes of Agung is the temple complex at Besakih, home of the Gods and the site of Bali’s holiest temple, the mother temple towards which all other temples, including home shrines, face. There are 22 separate temples in the Besakih complex. We return to Ubud this evening, still amazed by the rich and vibrant culture of this small island. As these temples are sacred places we need to dress respectfully; a sarong is recommended to cover legs, a shirt or blouse reaching to the lower neck should be worn (a typical shirt or t-shirt is fine, but no tank tops or low cut shirts), and arms to the elbows mustn’t be exposed. A special sash can be hired outside the temple as they are required for entry, but buying one is recommended as we’ll be using it often and they make a good souvenir.         (B,L,D)


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