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Condor's View

Our Condor's View itinerary takes you through Unseen Patagonia for four days and three nights, enabling you to experience the Park's main highlights. This program is especially suited for those continuing on to Los Glaciares National Park, or have been to the wilds of Tierra del Fuego.

Day 1: Punta Arenas / Torres del Paine
After being met by your guide in Punta Arenas you begin the five hour drive to Torres del Paine National Park. The drive takes you from the Chilean coas patagonia plain with torres del painethrough the Patagonian plains. This journey alone is the equal of many “day trips” in other regions, but is just an introduction to your week in Patagonia. Lunch is taken along the way at a typical Chilean ranch. As you approach the park, the dramatic landscape of the park rises above the plain, the peakszorro - fox often breaking from swirling cloud. The first wildlife may be seen along the way, including rheas and geese; occasional foxes may also be seen. If you wish –this is a private and personal tour – you can enjoy a small excursion of about an 1 1/2 hours to the top of Cerro Negro, where you can appreciate an expansive of mountains, forests and lakes. We then enter the Park, where we hosteria las torresare often greeted by small groups of guanacos grazing by the side of the road. A short while later we arrive at our accommodation, Hosteria Las Torres, situated at the base of the peaks that give the park its name. A welcome reception awaits, and we are briefed of our next day’s activities. We have a little time to enjoy the hotel’s surroundings, then enjoy dinner in the dining room, with its stunning views of Almirante Nieto.

Day 2: Cleopatra’s Needles

Our first full day in the park offers an exclusive view of the main attractions of the park, the Torres del Paine. The National park owes its name to these peculiar formations that rise majestically to the height of 2800 meters above sea level. This excursion isAlmirante nieto available exclusively to guests of Hosteria Las Torres. Cerro Paine Chico is a hill of about 1508 meters high very close to the towers. The trail can be covered by horse to about half way, and the rest on foot, or alternatively it can be done entirely on foot. Before reaching the top, we travel through ñire forests, talus view of the towersslopes and clearings where the expanse of the park’s lakes and mountains, such as Almirante Nieto, can be seen. Reaching the top, the “Torres del Paine” will appear, formations Lady Florence Dixie once called Cleopatra’s Needles. Here, with one of the world’s most spectacular views, we enjoy a picnic lunch. This afternoon we slowly make our way back to the hotel, experiencing how the ever-changing light and clouds of Patagonia make every hour a new experience. We are reminded that these spring or autumn seasons add a depth of color to the mountains rarely seen at other times. This evening we once again are briefed on our next day’s exclusive activities.

Day 3: Cerro Ferrier
Today we cover the whole of the national park, to gain an understanding of her magnificence, and why the park is a declared World Biosphere Reserve. The majority of this trip is done in our private vehicle, crossing the park in approximately 3 ½ hours. This all-encompassing gives us a global vision of Patagonia’s magnificent nature. On the way herds of guanaco and several birds such as Condors, Caracara and Eagles can be seen; if we are lucky we might even see the rare Huemule. Once Cerro Ferrier is reached, an hour's excursion will lead to the pinnacle of this hill, where a wonderful and original view of Paine Massif, Sierra Baguales, Cerro Paine Grande, most of the park's lakes and Grey Glacier is ours to be enjoyed. We then make our way back to the Hosteria.

Day 4– Torres del Paine / Punta Arenas
This morning we enjoy a final breakfast in the Park, once again marveling at the view from the dining room of the Towers. We then make our way back to Punta Arenas at our own pace. You may wish to get back as soon as possible for airplane connections, or take a more leisurely pace and enjoy lunch on the way. It’s up to you.

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