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Amazon Riverboat Tucano

There are few adventures, or dreams, equal to that of slowly cruising the Amazon River in a traditional riverboat, watching pink dolphins flash to the surface, hearing the screech of macaws and parrots overhead, and listening to the whooping calls of a Howler Monkey on shore. At night, the southern stars shine brightly, and occasional bats swoop over the water. Searches by launch and on foot reveals a myriad of colorful birds, painted frogs, and perhaps four or five differnt kinds of monkeys, from tiny Tamarins to large Red Howlers. Careful scanning of the branches reveals Sloths hanging, their fur greenish from algae. Evening searches with lights reveals the red glow of the eyes of Caimans, and a sudden splashing may reveal a Capybara feeding on the side of the river.

Join us on the trip of a lifetime, in the company of just 14 others, as we discover the wonders of the Amazon, the most diverse and wildlife-rich place on Earth.


Regular Deaprtures Through The Year - please call or email for dates and prices



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