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Forests and Falls of Nhamunda

3-Day extension to the uplands of the Amazonian Guiana Massif


Cock of the Rock Amazon

The great geological feature of the northern part of the Amazon is the Guiana Massif, a shield that stretches down from the Venezuelan Andes to the Amazon River. This trip is a two day and one night foray to the first fall line of this fascinating geological feature. We will climb a high tower to observe creatures in the canopy and then explore the unique habitats that accompany the thundering waterfalls along this low stony ridge.

Day 1 - Sunday, October 15: Tucano / Manaus
This morning we disembark the Tucano, and after farewelling our friends who are returning home, we once again enjoy the comforts of the Tropical Manaus Hotel. The afternoon is free to reorganize ourselves, relax, and prepare for our somewhat more rustic accommodations and travel to come.     (B)

Day 2 - Monday, October 16: Manaus / INPA / Presidente Figueiredo
Very early the first morning, before dawn, our group will embark in four wheeled drive vehicles and head out of the city of Manaus on the single road that goes North, the Boa-Vista Road. We will soon leave behind the city and before us will stretch the vast high forest known as the terre firme forest. In this environment the trees are large and high in the canopy there is a tremendous diversity of wildlife. At about forty kilometers along this road we will take a sharp turn to the west and work our way along an unpaved road for some distance until we come to the base of a large steel structure anchored deep in the forest floor, the observation tower at INPA, the National Institute of Amazon Research. This 42 meter tower was originally built for meteorological observations and still has as its primary purpose scientific observation, but for us it will afford a magnificent view into the rainforest canopy. Our plan is to be at the top of the tower for the morning chorus when we should have a wonderful sampling of birds and also perhaps primates to observe. After about two hours of observation, we will return to our vehicles and drive back to the Boa Vista Road and continue North.

Back on the asphalt we will continue North to the small town of Presidente Figueiredo. This town is on the fall line of many small rivers and streams and there are many lovely and refreshing waterfalls nearby. We will check into to our modest but clean hotel and following lunch, go for a swim and exploration at one of the nearby cascades. In the mid-afternoon we will board our vehicles again and driving to one of several trails nearby, walk in the forest and observe wildlife in this environment that is somewhat different than we have seen previously. We will also explore some of the large and easily and easily accessible caves that are found in the area that may contain Oilbirds or Cock-of-the Rock. After dinner we look for nocturnal wildlife in the forest.      (B,L,D)

Day 3 - Tuesday, October 17: Presidente Figueiredo / Manaus
The following morning we will explore a second collection of trails. We will continue to search for the unique fauna that inhabit these forests and caves. We will have a box lunch and begin our return to Manaus and arrive back at our hotel in the early evening. (B,L,D)

Day 4 - Wednesday, October 18: Manaus / Sao Paulo / In flight
After a relaxing morning, and perhaps a last look for monkeys and birds in the Amazon forest we transfer to the airport for our afternoon flight to Sao Paulo, connecting with our overnight flight back to Miami. (B,*D)

Day 5– Thursday, October 19: In Flight / Miami
We arrive in Miami early this morning, pass through immigration and customs and emerge in plenty of time for our connecting flights home. (*B)