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A number of companies around the world offer bird tours that include the Northern Territory. Below we've listed those from the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. We mostly stick t those as they are English-language tours, and reflect most of our own searchers. We try to keep this list as up to date as possible, but we don't know if there's still room on any given tour until we enquire. We're happy to do that for you, whether you travel with us or not, and naturally we can both book the tour and make all the ancillary arrangements required for you. This won't cost you any more than booking direct, and we can offer our opinion and experience of which tour will be best for you.

Tours are sorted on where the tour is based, but within each category that there is no ranking or other endoesemnt of the tours. Departure month of tour is given, and lead guide if known. Most non-Australian based tours also include local guides, as do some Australian-based ones. As this is a on-going list, we add and subtract continually, so check back often. Some companies have not offered all their 2007 tours yet, including ones that usually offer Australia, and some add tours as demand occurs.


United States

Field Guides - July; lef by Jeff Coons

Victor Emanual Nature Guides - September; led by Dion Hobcroft


Sunbird - October; David Fisher & Judy Davis


Kirrama Birding Tours - TBA; Klaus Uhlenhut

Follow That Bird - September

Australian Guides

Denise Goodfellow - Darwin

Klaus Uhlenhut - Kirrama Birding Tours

Jonny Schoenjahn - Birdwatching Aficionads

Johnathon Munro - Wildwatch

Phil Gregory - Sicklebill Safaris




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