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South Australia

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With a coast facing the great Southern Ocean, South Australia thanks the sea for most of its bousturt's desert peanty, from the breezes that water and cool its prime wine-growing regions into world-class prominen ce, to never-ekangaroo island's Remarkable Rocksnding seafood and the jewel called Kangaroo Island. Even well inland the sea has its reward, with ancient shells turning to opal to be dug from the fields of Coober Pedy. Discovering the desert and near-desert inland of South Australia is a great way to explore the Outback, and the Flinders and Gawler Ranges provide opportunities for discovering the beauty and wildlife of these often harsh regions. Our collegue Jeff has a wonderful outback (he will actually show you just where the outback starts) permanent tented lodge at teh base of the Gawlers, and a visit will show you the true outback, its scenery and wildlife. As a bonus on the way back you can swim in the Southern Ocean with friendly sea lions. You can find out a little more about a typical few days in the outback with Jeff here.



On Kangaroo Island, appropriately named even for today’s visitors, wildlife is abundant. A few days' visit will reveal kangaroos and wallabies, koalas, sea and shorebirds, black cockatoos, shy platypus, tame sea lions, and souterhn ocean lodge great roomthe intimate s pectacle of fairy penguins waddling up the beach for home. Good food, wines and accommodation are just a bonus. Southern Ocean Lodge is considered Australia's most luxurious Lodge, and we can attest from personal experience that the location, ambience, food wine and professional but not intrusive staff are of the highest order. For 2 or 3 days of pampering, with the added bonus of stunning scenery and wonderful wildlife - echidnas outside your room - it takes a lot to be beaten, anywhere in the world.

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South Australia produces some of the best wines in the world, and winery visits can easily be added to your time here. There's a a guide to the South Australian Wine Districts here.



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