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Suggested Packing List

The following is a general list – your own Australia travel itinerary may require changes, depending on your season of travel. We’ve left off the more obvious things, such as underwear and toiletries.

Things to leave at home
1. most jewelry
2. suits, jackets, ties and other formalwear– unless you intend to dine at top of the line restaurants.
3. high heels
4. fussiness, exactitude, meticulousness and need for precision

Things to pack
1. *easy-going attitude (keep on your person at all times)
2. 3 or 4 light weight cotton or modern synthetic mix shirts – not plain synthetic which can be hot
3. 1 or 2 pairs of shorts
4. 1 or 2 pants – zip-offs legs are great and save on the second pair of shorts
5. light/medium sweater
6. fleece vest or jacket depending on season
7. light to medium rain-proof/resistant jacket
8. swimwear
9. a couple of t-shirts – or buy them there
10. good medium weight walking shoes/sneakers
11. sports sandals
12. moisture absorbent easily washed socks
13. hat – not just a cap, but one with a sun brim that gives protection to the ears
14. light-weight pocket hooded poncho – one that covers all of you, including your head and camera in case of unexpected rain

15. *camera and film – print film is easily bought in Australia and New Zealand; slide film is available at about the same ease as in the US. Some speeds and types may be difficult to find.

16. *If you have just bought one or more new cameras for the trip, you may want to take a copy of the receipt for customs on your return
17. *binoculars – 8x32 0r 8x40 are ideal
18. small flashlight (a “torch” Down Under)
19. a few ziplock bags of various sizes – very useful for wet swimwear, dirty socks etc
20. small travel alarm clock
21. small ziplock bag of laundry detergent
22. electrical adaptor/inverter kit if taking any appliances or chargers
23. small day use backpack &/or waist pack
24. a few band-aids, antiseptic cream, anti-itch cream and similar items

25. *medicines – if you don’t bring the original containers, have a copy of the prescription with you. Medicines should be in your carry-on, not checked luggage
26. extra pair of eyeglasses and repair kit
27. sunglasses – polarizing are useful for the Reef
28. high SPF sunscreen; but you can easily buy it there
29. *ear plugs – make for a much more restful flight and in some hotel rooms when you are still out of synch. Neck rest if you like them.
30. facecloth – smaller hotels often don’t have these

31. *passport, tickets, travel insurance certificate, credit cards, cash, itinerary
32. copies of travel and personal documents
33. *dive certificate and logbook if you intend to dive

*on person or in carry-on