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Back in the fifties a true bushman by the name of Keith Adams decided to take a journey from the south to the north of Australia, across the top of Australia, and down the west coast to Perth. Now, while this might not seem so difficult at first glance, the small matter of there being no real road across the north of Australia, and the fact that for much of where he was heading just to get to the non-existant north road, the only "roads" were trails were made by camels through the desert. These problems would have put most of us off. Not Keith - such details concerned him only slightly. Not having much money, Keith used the only vehicle he could afford - a seven year old Buick sedan. No high clearance, no four wheel drive, no power winch, just a 1948 Buick sedan. He built a trailer and a small boat, put a diesel engine in the Buick and modified its suspension and wheels, co-opted his wife and sister to join him, packed the car trailer with supplies, equipment and said boat, then took off north from their home in Perth. For the next six months they traveled through some of the harshest and least traveled country in Australia, catching much of their food and camping or even living in caves along the way. Fortunately for us, Keith took along a movie camera, and filmed this epic journey. This was the first of Australia's wildlife and outdoor adventure films, predating those of the better known filmmakers, right up to Steve Irwin.

The party drove over 1500 miles across country from Perth to Uluru and Alice Springs in their Buick, through deserts and sand dunes, yet this was just the way to their destination on the Gulf of Carpentaria, another 1000 miles further on. For Keith, it was in the Gulf lands that the adventure was to begin. For normal people, the first part of the trip would have been an adventure of a lifetime, not just the path to it. But Keith, Audrey, Margaret, and Tiger the fox terrier aren't normal people. But in a good way.

However this is not just a nature and adventure film, but much more. The film was made in the mid-fifties, before much of the Australia covered was visited by adventurers, tourists, or even many government officials responsible for the areas. The film shows the Australia of over fifty years ago, and therefore also the culture, views and attitudes of that era. The film is a living time capsule. For anyone interested in nature, history and adventure, regardless of continent, this is a film not to be missed.

We are helping Keith by distributing his film in the US and Canada. We have DVDs of Northern Safari available for sale at $28 including postage within the continental US and Canada.


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You can get a taste of the film by clicking on the Buick!