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kewarra beach in moonlight


Kewarra Beach Resort is our favorite resort or hotel in North Queensland. With a strong focus on nature and natural surroundings, a serene setting, and a virtually private beach just steps away, what's not to like? Kewarra has been both a Conde Nast gold list and hot hotel over the last few years, and won the Travel & Leisure best Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific hotel award in 2008. And it receives a #1 area rating from Trip Advisor, with over 90% rating it excellent or very good. Most importantly, the staff and service invariably get the highest marks. We've found that long after a hotel or resort's geography or architecture has begun to fade from memory, how you were treated there, and the good time you had, remain; and these are almost always determined by the human aspect of your stay. But no need for lots of words, let the images speak for themselves.


Images of Kewarra Beach Resort

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kewarra beach resort pool

the pool


kewarra private  beach dining


private beach

aerial view of Kewarra

aerial view


kewarra beach resort bungalow

Garden bungalow



Timara Cottage

timara cottage kewarratimara lounge room

                              cottage                                                                                                      lounge room


timara verandahtimara bedroom

                                           verandah                                                                                                bedroom






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