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Our sample nature tours, wildlife tours, adventure and general travel itineraries are just that - samples. These are itineraries we have created and operated, and are aimed at giving you an idea of what we can do, and how we do it. Please remember that over time things change, and a hotel that may have been our choice once may get new management or ownership, and lose our favor. Places become overcrowded, or beaches wash away. Different seasons may mean an itinerary is not the best choice then, and the number of travelers can determine how viable - read expensive - a particular itinerary will be. What works economicaly for a group of 10 may not do so for a couple.

Naturally, as a full custom travel company, we can adapt any itinerary - even from other companies - to become just what you want. Or create a custom itinerary for you, reflecting your interests, dates, and budget, from scratch. If you see an Australia tour that you like, but doesn't do everything you want, give us a call - we can add to it knowing what extras you really need to see.

Our itineraries are divided into five main groups - nature, birding, general, specialty and group. The nature and birding tour itineraries emphasize wildlife and nature, with a little general sightseeing (but of course you'll see plenty along the way), and not much city time. Our general itineraries still include natural history - after all, this is a large part of Australia's charm and uniqueness - but have more city time, and general sightseeing. Special itineraries may emphasize wine tours, architecture, Aboriginal life or other interests. Although we don't have a special Adventure Travel itinerary section, many of our custom tours have included white water rafting, hiking, ballooning, diving, paragliding and parachuting, sailing, canoeing, sea kayaking and other adventure activities, and we can emphasize these in any custom itinerary. Group itineraries are designed with your family, group of friends or affinity group's special interests, budget and activty level foremost.

Some of the itineraries are modular - just a few days that can be added to other modules or itineraries to create a longer stay. Often these are units are set itineraries offered and operated by our trusted partners in Australia.


We've usually included an approximate cost for each itinerary, including all international and internal air, and basically everything you see in the itinerary that doesn't say "optional" or similar. All prices are per person based on double occupancy, unless otherwise noted. We have not included airport departure fees, taxes, surcharges and security fees, etc, as these are constantly changes. For most itineraries these will range from $200 to $400. We have included all other taxes & fees, including GST, within Australia & New Zealand. Having said that, cost change - usually upward - due to a number of reasons, including inevitable price increases for hotels, attractions etc that are included. Both international and internal air generally just goes up, surcharges are added, and taxes and fees increase, but airline specials come along regularly and we take advantage of these whenever possible. However, it may be that the cost for a particular itinerary include a special air deal, and so normally the cost would be higher. But overall the costs here should give you an idea of what you can do for your dollar with us. We think you'll be pleasantly suprised.


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