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• A guided walk among tropical fruit trees, where you can learn about the origins of many exotic tropical fruit trees, and how the fruits are used in their country of origin, and in Australia. You can even taste the fruits when they are in season.

• Morning tea, an Australian tradition. As the whole idea of the day is to taste local produce, morning tea is no different. The local bakery makes special wheat and yeast free banana bread to enjoy with locally produced tea or coffee.
mareeba rock wallaby
• Wildlife feeding. Enjoy wild animals in their natural environment. Feed Mareeba Rock Wallabies in the granite lined gorge they call home. There are no fences, and the wallabies come out from there home among the rocks when called. They are so familiar with visitors they will eat directly from your hand (special food is used, not scraps, and the wallabies have been a tradition here for about 20 years.)

• Macadamia plantation, farm tour, and tastings. Learn about how the industry got started, and current research and development. You'll see how macadamias are grown and harvested, sorted, graded & packed; the whole process from planting to eating - you'll try different finished products - Natural, Salted, Honey and Hickory - as well.

• Tropical Lunch, features a plate loaded with sautéed fillet of delicious Barramundi, Red Claw crayfish, which are a native freshwater lobster from of western side of Cape York, special fried rice, Garden salad, and tropical fruits. You can sample local Mango, Papaya, Pineapple and chilli sauces. (An alternative lunch is available for people with allergies.)

• Coffee Plantation, farm tour and tasting. See how differently coffee bushes are grown in Mareeba compared to most other countries. You'll see he entire coffee production process from water arriving at the farm to the delicious coffee in the cup.

• Tropical Fruit Winery. There are seven tropical fruit wineries from Mission Beach to Mosman, with many different tropical fruit wines. On this tour you'll taste five or six wines; varieties change from time to time but can include Lychee, Passionfruit, Mango, Jaboticaba (Brazilian Tree Grape), Bush cherry (from Australian tropical rainforest), Mulberry and Strawberry. There are also two port style fortified wines - Rouge Forte, which is Mulberry based, and Blanc Forte, a Mango based fortified wine. You'll also taste a fortified cream.

• Tropical fruit ice cream. This ice cream is made the way it used to be, everything 100% natural. Chose from 18 flavours that may include Tropical, Mango, Coconut, Passionfruit, Coffee & Walnut, Rum and Raisin and Banana and lemon