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Enjoy finding a different sort of Australian wildlife - dinosaurs, megafauna and fossil rainforest wildlife.

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Queensland Museum fossil digs are usually held in August/September, with a focus on the fossils of the Winton area. The digs are supervised by qualified palaeontologists and are attended by up to 12 enthusiastic volunteers from near and far each week. Through these digs the Museum aims to uncover and promote Queensland's fossil heritage for the enjoyment and education of the public. The digs are operated by the non-profit organization Australian Age of Dinosaurs, in conjunction with the Museum.

A participation package is available for anyone interested in becoming a volunteer with numbers of participants (excluding staff) limited to 12 people per week.

Australia is one of the last frontiers for palaeontological exploration and Queensland has a most comprehensive fossil heritage, dating back 1700 million years. Queensland Museum is at the forefront of Australian palaeontology with fossil sites throughout the state unearthing giant dinosaurs, extinct Megafauna and ancient reefs and rainforests. These digs are not only fun, but give participants the opportunity to work alongside skilled palaeontologists, learning on the spot as well as providing invaluable support to the researchers.

The Dinosaur Discovery Weeks are an experience you'll not find anywhere else. They're a fascinating and scientifically important look into Australia’s ancient past and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of Australian history as it unfolds. Taking place in the vast, rolling Mitchell grass downs country of the Winton district, these digs have produced many dinosaur bones that are new to science and have never been seen before. Many are from gigantic sauropods that were common in the Winton district 95 million years ago - an animal 65ft long and 14ft high, weighing as much as five fully-grown African elephants?

The Digs cost about $425 per day, including accommodation and all meals, transport to the dig site from Winton, a day tour to the Lark Quarry Dinosaur Stampede Trackways site, and more. Your payment also covers conservation of the dinosaur fossils and this important area, keeping it safe from destruction. Information sheets and participant application forms are available from Nature Travel Specialists -call tollfree 1 877 285 1170.

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Like to see some living, breathing wildlife while you're in Australia? Let us add a platypus search and mammal spotlighting in North Queensland, koalas in Victoria, fairy penguins, kangaroos and Cape Barren Geese on Kangaroo Island, or the Great Barrier Reef. Or just about any of Australia's amazing wildlife. Call tollfree 1 877 285 1170 or email for more information, including international air and hotels while you're there.

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