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Flight distances & times between major Australian cities

Distances in air miles, not road miles. Distance by road are 10 - 30% more.

Sydney - Melbourne 440 miles/706 km; flight time 1 hour 20 min
Sydney - Brisbane 470 miles/752 km; flight time 1 hour 25 min
Sydney - Perth 2034 miles/3,274 km; flight time 4 hours 10 min
Sydney - Darwin 1958 miles/3,151 km; flight time 4 hours 40 min
Sydney - Broome 2100 miles/3,382 km; flight time 5 hours 15 min
Sydney - Cairns 1224 miles/1,970 km; flight time 3 hours 10 min

Adelaide - Perth 1316 miles/2,118 km; flight time 2 hours 40 min
Adelaide - Melbourne 400 miles/640 km; flight time 1 hour 10 min

Brisbane - Cairns
865 miles/1,391 km; flight time 2 hours 15 min

Cairns - Darwin
1040 miles/1,674 km; flight time 2 hours 30 min

Darwin - Broome (via Kununurra) 730 miles/1,172 km; flight time 2 hours 25 min
Darwin - Perth 1650 miles/2,653 km; flight time 4 hours
Darwin - Alice Springs
810 miles/1,305 km; flight time 1 hour 55 min

Alice Springs - Ayers Rock
206 miles/332 km; flight time 45 min

Anywhere - Outback some vague distance further inland from wherever you are


Where Is It?


The link below will take to to the Australian Government's Geoscence website. Tick the I accept box and you will be taken to a page with a map of Australia. If you click on any spot it will zoom in, continue clicking and it will continue zooming. While not as fast or as fancy as Google Earth, and not photographic, it will often go down to street level enabling you to see locate everything from cities and towns, beaches, rivers, and as mentioned often streets.


There are another couple of very useful features of this site. One will tell you distances between places. However, this is not road or air distance, but, as they say, as the cocky (cockatoo) flies, based o the curvature of the earth/great circle method. But it's useful to get a general idea.


And this last is one we find very useful - it calculates sunrise, sunset, twilight etc. We use it all the time to calculate these when designing itineraries so clients aren't driving in the dark, know when to be on the Sydney Taronga ferry to watch the sun set over the Bridge and Opera house, what time the penguins will be wading ashore at Phillip Island and so on.

Sunrise & Sunset Times