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Custom Australia tours and travel

The cost of custom Australia travel will depend on what you want included, the level of accommodation you prefer, and the time of the year you are traveling. However, for a personally guided, non-group Australia tour for two people with all days occupied (no "free day for you to explore... or "afternoon at leisure" repeatedly popping up in your itinerary, although a couple are usual), all internal travel (plane, boat, car), accommodation (3 1/2 - 4 1/2 star and small, interesting lodges), most breakfasts, some lunches and a few evening meals, a mix of private and local small group guiding, entrance fees, service charges and taxes, etc - that is pretty much everything except the majority of evening meals - expect to pay about $180-280 per day per person not including international air, which costs about $900 - $2600 depending on season, carrier, specials, internal flights and luck of the draw.

We are happy to design a tour for you within your preferred budget, with as much or as little included as you like, and at whatever accommodation level - budget to five-star (or a mix) - that you're happy with. It's your vacation.


Group Australia Tours

Group Australia tours are usually cheaper than custom tours, but not always. We don't usually book general or wildlife tours with a maximum group size more than 16, as we don't feel the experience you get in larger groups is up to our standards. We prefer group travel where virtually every day is filled with activities, but at the lower end of the price scale there will be a reasonable amount of free time, including one or two complete days (accommodation is included), which suits some travelers better. Again depending on the inclusions, length of trip etc, a figure of about $180 - $280 per person per day, not including your international air, is about what you'll pay. If you see an Australia tour you like offered by a company elsewhere, that's what you'll pay booking it through us, with the added comfort of a third party working for you.